Tumar Temirova

Computer Science Student

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Tumar Temirova is from Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, she is pursuing a BS in Computer Science at San Francisco State University. Tumar passionate about programming and knows four languages, which are English, Russian, Turkish and Kyrgyz.

Few Background Information About Me
I was born and raised in small town Karakol, near the lake Ysykko, in Kyrgyz Republic. After High School I enrolled to Kyrgyz Turkish University in Bishkek. Here some pictures.
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Capital of Kyrgyz Republic
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Ysykkol, Kyrgyz Republic
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Kyrgyz Turkish Manas University
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My groupmates at KTMU

I came to United States and studied English at American Language Institute at San Francisco State University. After I ALI a transfered to Computer Science Major at SFSU
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San Francisco
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My Groupmates at ALI
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SFSU campus